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The premier solution to all your BMW needs

  • Race Car 2
    Race Car 2
    Burn them tires, ready to race.
  • Race Car 1
    Race Car 1
    Our champion race car.
  • Shop 20
    Shop 20
    Ready to roll!
  • Shop 19
    Shop 19
    Lined up and scheduled for fine tuning by the best!
  • Shop 18
    Shop 18
    Is red your favorite color? It is for many!
  • Shop 17
    Shop 17
    Installing new turbos and view under the chassis!
  • Shop 16
    Shop 16
    How much fun we have making your BMW run the best ever.
  • Shop 15
    Shop 15
    More parts to make it the best.
  • Shop 14
    Shop 14
    Tuned exhaust system!
  • Shop 13
    Shop 13
    Let's go for a ride with the top down.
  • Shop 12
    Shop 12
    Special filters for your BMW.
  • Shop 11
    Shop 11
    Waiting for pick-up by the owner.
  • Shop 10
    Shop 10
    Transmission ready for installation.
  • Shop 09
    Shop 09
    Beautiful deep blue color.
  • Shop 08
    Shop 08
    Nice large area to keep cars inside until finished.
  • Shop 07
    Shop 07
    Sign up for a job and make payment here.
  • Shop 06
    Shop 06
    Transmission is ready for installation.
  • Shop 05
    Shop 05
    Doing a diagnostic under the hood.
  • Shop 04
    Shop 04
    Transmission just arrived and ready to install.
  • Shop 01
    Shop 01
    Our shop full of cars for tuning or repair!
  • Shop 02
    Shop 02
    We are just down the road from Pinellas Park High School.
  • Shop 03
    Shop 03
    Tuned and ready to hit the road.

Midnite Tuning is an independent service provider, able to supply you with the very best in products and information regarding the performance of your vehicle. We are here to provide you with everything you need to know to enjoy your vehicle more, whether a daily driver, or a track day warrior. We offer engine tuning solutions for specially BMW, but also service Audi, Mercedes, VW and more.

Our main goal is to provide quality tuning upgrades and impartial information on every aspect of service and performance.