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Tuning the Audi 1.8T engine.

“Audi make it go so fast?”

VAG 1.8T engine as fitted to Volkswagen/SEAT/Audi cars: 150-240 bhp from the factory.

The 1781 cubic centimetres in this 20 Valve turbo charged engine represents what must be one of the most tunable engines around today and is found in family cars like the A3 and A4 and on sports oriented models like the TT, and the S3.

The fact these engines can be tuned to such extremes indicates the versatility of them.

The 20 valves are arranged with 3 intake valves and 2 exhaust valves per cylinder.

(The exhaust valves are somewhat larger than the intake and this intake configuration makes the engine an efficient one).

The compression ratio is set to 9.5:1, but,  a slightly lower 9:1:1 in the 240 bhp versions of this engine, which although high for a turbo gives plenty of low down torque.